Yo youtube , could you please get your color combinations right !

Recently i noticed something annoying with Youtube’s settings menu . It got me so infuriating i decided to make a blogpost about it .



The color combination they’ve used for the toggle switch for Autoplay , Annotations are virtually unidentifiable . Both switch on,off states have been differentiated using a grayish color combination . So for example, you have to really look twice to know whether the  Autoplay is switched on or off.

After adding some contrast to “on” state in toggle button – making it intuitive.


See now it looks slightly better . A basic rule in UX is that when you want to differentiate two states in UI , you go for complementary color rule . So even a 70 year old grandma who wants to play her favorite cat videos on Youtube knows she has the set Autoplay option correctly by just looking at the color of the toggle switch .


bonus link : Adobe color wheel . Very useful when you want to select color combinations for your UI.