git – How to replace your Master

So in my project we had to face the following situation.

We have 2 main branches in our project repository , master and bug-fixing . bug-fixing was created as a temp branch so that the developers can create feature branches on-top of that. But after a while this temp branch sort of became as our main branch and when we finally decided that we need to update master branch it was too late . Because master branch was behind more than 300 + commits . So i had to find the easiest and safest way to replace old master with new updated commits . And this is how i did it.

Step 1 : Get all the updates from the bug-fixing remote branch using a pull


Step 2 : Checkout master branch and hard reset with bug-fixing branch
” git reset –hard bug-fixing”


Step 3 : Force push your local master to remote origin master.
git push origin master –force


That’s it . All under 4 commands , and your master is updated !



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